The Labmin Laboratory Information Management System enables the process definition of collecting samples, whether planned for or ad hoc, right through to producing the results. The LIMS can check the results and automatically validate those that comply with specifications; it also reports (but not validate) results that are out-of-specification. LIMS may release or retain lots and batches according to a laboratory’s specifications and calculations. Supervisors may schedule tasks, as well as request specific tests.

A LIMS is a software system used in laboratories for the management of samples, laboratory users, instruments, standards and other laboratory functions such as invoicing, plate management, and work flow automation.

Automated information system for tracking and managing laboratory samples, projects, analyses, measuring instruments, and quality control information, and for generating reports for clients.

Software applications used to automate the routine operations of a laboratory. We also offer a web solution for clients to download reports to make results info less cumbersome and accessible.